Introducing Me

My name is Cyndal and I am from Kinston NC. I grew up in a large family with 6 siblings(in other words it was never boring at our house!). In February I am going to France to start my new adventure as an Au pair. This is my first time being an au pair and going to another country. I am going to be staying in France for a year and I am very excited about learning about a new country. The one thing that makes me most nervous is the fact that the French aren’t known for being extremely nice. Like in NC if you walk or drive down the street everyone waves or smiles. From what I have studied and what my host family has told me, the French aren’t like that(I don’t have anything against the French people, just saying what I know). Anyway, my host family isn’t like that at all! Thank goodness for Skype!! Talking over Skype is the best way to get to know someone from a distance in my opinion. Anyway, this blog is kind of a way for me to put my thoughts and feelings out there for my family, friends, or strangers(no stalkers please. Lol). I’m not the kind of person who is going to write something every day, but I will try to keep it up. And once I get there in February I will have more things to talk about I’m sure.



2 thoughts on “Introducing Me

  1. Cyndal, look forward to keeping up with your adventures. Can’t wait for you to show those Frenchmen what “southern charm” is. So proud of you. XO

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