The very long drive

So…I can officially say I am not a fan of riding in a car for 16 out of 33 hrs. Wednesday morning my mom and I headed for Atlanta, Georgia to have my scheduled appointment with the French Consulate for my visa. We drove 8 hours from Kinston, NC to Atlanta, GA. It was okay on the way there, mostly because I had a book to read and that kept me occupied. So we finally found the consulate that night after having to ask a valet where it was. Lol. The next morning I go to meet with the lady and give her all the required documents. Well, let me just say that when the website says you only need one passport photo, they actually require two. Luckily I had a nice lady who pointed me to the nearest CVS and allowed me to go have them taken then return with them. Then, we headed home. It started out okay…until I finished my book! And my mom forgot to bring her copy of the sequel to it for me I read! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a hard time sitting still. But you put me in a car and make me ride for 8 hours with nothing to do, and I was miserable! Lol. Luckily though, we made it home safely. So we put 1,000 miles on my car, and drove for 16 hours, just to hear the lady at the consulate say “Enjoy your stay in France.”. It will be worth it…I hope. 🙂