I’m here!!

Well, I finally arrived in Paris on Saturday afternoon. It was a long drive home, so my host dad (HD) was able to tell me a lot about France. Saturday afternoon I was able to meet the children and give them their gifts which they liked very much. I gave them both a book in English and a puzzle. I gave my HD a book on North Carolina, and my host mom (HM) a Mary Kay satin hands gift set. They gave me some candies from here, I have tried one and it was very good. Saturday night HM cooked a very french winter meal. I don’t know what it was called, just that it is called the name of the cheese that you melt and top the potatoes and ham with. That was very good.
Sunday HM wanted to see how my driving skills were since I will be driving a stick car. So we went to town to the butchers shop. I only stalled the car out a few times, but HD wanted to see if I would do better on his car because his is easier so we went, later, for another drive. Oh, and I saw a castle!!! I mean really!?! HD was chill as I was so excited about seeing a castle, he informs me that one is small and not famous. I told him that it was still cool because we don’t have castles where I live! I wish I could have taken a picture but I was driving so I couldn’t.
Today, Monday, I got up to help HD get the children ready for school. We took them and he drove on the way then I drove on the way home. He says I did very well. Then he let me pass the road our house is on to see if I remembered it(I didn’t). This afternoon I have to go meet the director of the language course that I will be taking. Then we have to go pick the kids up from school.
Tomorrow I will begin my language course and hopefully that will go okay. It still seems so unreal that I am actually here in France!! I will try to keep you all updated regularly. 😊



10 thoughts on “I’m here!!

    1. The other picture is pretty and this one is very pretty too. You are a beautiful young lady. Thank you for sharing this experience with everyone. Have a wonderful time there. Sounds like it is starting to be already. A castle! Awesome!

  1. You look beautiful! You don’t need to worry about styling your hair. I enjoyed your message this morning and look forward to more of your events and happenings. Take care, God bless and have fun…..and I missed you at church yesterday; our Preacher Kevin Woolard’s first Sunday. I was thinking about you over there in France instead of you on your pew. ❤

  2. If I had known you were going to need a hair dryer I have one that you use in Europe. I had to have it when I traveled to England to see my grandparents. Glad you arrived safe and are having fun learning all this new stuff. Do keep us posted and be sure to keep a journal. You will be able to read it to your children and grands some day.

  3. Looking very professional! Best of everything to you in this great undertaking. I’m so excited for you and proud of you!

  4. It is so good to have an update. You are on my heart all the time. It sounds like HD is a good man. Glad to know that. I’m looking forward to hearing everything. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!

  5. Cyndal, this is exciting because you make it so easy to visualize. Looking forward to your next post. Hello to your host family, y’all enjoy learning from each other. XO

  6. I am SOOOOOO jealous!!! A REAL castle!! And hey, you will get better & better with that stick shift (wink) Looks like HD is grooming you to be the new “take-the-kids-to-school” person. 🙂 And a HM that’s a good cook is a definite PLUS! Take notes! Get recipes!!

    Now we need pics of HD, HM and les enfants! 🙂 Love you sweet girl!

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