Week 2

Well this week my HM came home from the hospital. She is doing much better! This week, the kids were sick. They were both running fevers, and I ran one right along with them on Thursday. Friday morning though, I was feeling better. Thankfully it didn’t last long. Tuesday I met with a girl that works with my HM, she was an au pair in Australia for a year. So she speaks English well. We met for lunch and she showed me around downtown. She showed me the mall and all the different shops there are along the streets. I can’t wait to just go window shopping one day. Lol. I did find out that the cinema in Le Mans plays American movies in English! Yay! Today my HD is working on hooking the tv up so we can actually watch tv. Lol, we have only been able to watch movies so far. His parents are also coming for lunch in a little while. I went for a short walk to the mailbox this morning hoping my moms package had arrived, but it hadn’t. Mail takes a while to get here. But at least I get some. 😄



4 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. So happy to see your sweet face♥
    Is the house in the background where you live?
    Glad that old “french virus” didn’t keep you down long! lol!
    And I hope the new friend you made will be someone special you can shop & lunch with! 🙂
    Praying for you….love you sweetie!♥

  2. sounds like you are adapting to your new life and surroundings. I’m so happy you have found a friend that you can hangout with during your time off. Enjoy your experience while you are there, it’s a wonderful opportunity. I’m still very jealous!! oh, glad you and your HF are doing better.

  3. I just got some church DVDs for you. I am getting ready to send them. Is there anything else you would like me to send with them?

    1. Nothing I can think of. Mrs Tammie is sending me some hot chocolate. 🙂
      Oh, when you send it be sure to put Claire Huart under or above my name. That way it will be sure to get here. Thanks!! Love you!

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