This week has been very busy! We found lice in the little girls hair. So we had to do a lice treatment on her. Of course I was so paranoid that I would get them I went and got myself some shampoo to treat myself with. So finally we got rid of them all!!
My driving with the car is so much better! It doesn’t even cut off on me anymore when I am going uphill in traffic. The hardest thing is finding a parking spot, and a free one. They are very hard to find in Le Mans. I am starting to love the fact that the cars here are small. It’s easier to parallel park with such small cars.
Class is going better as well. I understand more, even though speaking is more difficult. My teacher told us today that she will take us to your the Le Mans cathedral. I am super excited about that! I parked right in front of it the other day to walk to class. It is absolutely amazing. I am also excited that we are going to the Chateau de Versailles at the end of March.
Tomorrow I get to sleep in because my HM is taking the kids to school on her way to an appointment. I think I will enjoy my sleep. Then I will probably make some chocolate chip banana bread, because they liked it a lot when I made it last week.
I love the small town we live in. We went bike riding yesterday and it was so easy to do even with the kids because there isn’t very much traffic.
Oh, I did have one bad day this week. I was supposed to meet my HM at a store similar to ikea, one town over after class Tuesday. Well my GPS decided it didn’t want to locate the address she had given me, so I was using my phones gps. Well, then I got to somewhere that the road was blocked and couldn’t go any further. I tried following their detour and ended up back where I started stuck at the road block. At this point I was panicking and trying to stay calm. I called My HM and she had to come find me so I could follow her to the store. Needless to say it was a relief to see her pull up behind me. She told my HD that night that I sounded like someone who was about to jump off a bridge when I called her.
Thankfully the rest of the week has been fine and without problem.



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