Ready for tomorrow!!

I have had a great week so far! I am actually understanding french better, even though it’s harder to speak.
Today when we pick the kids up from school, my HM and the kids and I are going to her moms house in Tours to stay the night. The kids don’t have school tomorrow, and we are supposed to be going to see a castle, weather permitting. I am super excited!!
This week has been really nice and sunny, except for this morning, which has been nice. Tuesday I met up with a friend in Le Mans and she showed me around the ‘old town’. It was so amazing to see the tiny cobblestone streets and how close together everything is.
We finally opened up a bank account for me. That way it will be easier to get gas, or pay for parking. It should just take a few days to get my card in.
I am looking forward to a great weekend!! 😄



3 thoughts on “Ready for tomorrow!!

  1. I wish you the very best Cyndal Danielle.You’ve grown into a fine woman!! I do love you baby with all my heart and soul.!!!Be careful over there baby”!!

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