A month already!?

It’s hard to believe that I have been here for a month already! It seems like I just got here. I am enjoying my time here and hope the next months go as smoothly as the first. I visited the Chateau de Chinon on Friday. That was absolutely amazing. It wasn’t a very nice castle, because it was built during a time of war not peace. It was built during the medieval times. It was very cool to walk through and tour the various rooms and parts of the castle.
This week and next the kids are on vacation from school. Yesterday they had a virus, which was a bad start to vacation! But today they are better! Thankfully! They are leaving tomorrow to go to their grandmas house for a few days, and I will meet them there this weekend. We may go to a carnival in her town if the weather is nice.
I am supposed to meet up with my french etcher and classmate to see the Le Mans cathedral this week. I am looking forward to that!
It has been nice to talk to my family and friends over Skype and FaceTime and whatsapp. That really makes my day when I hear from them, and catch up on life there. And of course I tell them about life here.
Well hopefully we will have a good vacation and time off. šŸ™‚



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