Vacation is almost over!!

The past two weeks the kids have been on vacation from school. So they have spent some time with both sets of grandparents, and we have had some days at home playing games and stuff. This past week they went to their grandparents on Tuesday and came home Wednesday night. Thursday when I got home from french class my host mom had some friends over and we went bicycling. That turned out to be quite an adventure. There were 13 people, including kids. Two kids were in a wagon pulled behind a bike, and one was a toddler in a baby seat on the back of his moms bike. We ended up going up what I would call a small mountain!! Lol, it was steep and a little muddy. Well, I ended up behind the lady(who was pregnant) with her toddler in his seat. We were off our bikes trying to push them up the steep hill in the mud. She was having a hard time so I was also pushing her bike from behind while pulling mine too. I’m sure we were a sight! But we made it! I can honestly say I got my workout that day. Haha! Yesterday was Friday and we went to my HM sisters house to celebrate her sons birthday. We stayed the night at Nanou’s house, that’s my HM’s mother. Today we are going to a place called youpi mom. I think it’s kind of like chuck e cheese. Hopefully that won’t be too nerve racking. Lol, and maybe I will understand a little of what people are saying. I can understand french a lot better than I can speak. Trying to find the words to say what you want to say is difficult. But just listening and comprehending enough words that you know what people are saying is easier. Eventually I will be able to speak more. I am praying for a great week next week and wish you all the same, how ever few people read this. Lol. 😃


One thought on “Vacation is almost over!!

  1. Sounds like ADVENTURE to me!…and making lifelong memories! 🙂 I read every one of your posts! (not stalking, just enjoying hearing details about “française au pair vie” ! Love you!♥

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