Vacation time!!

It’s vacation time…for the kids. 😄 They are on vacation this week and next week as well. Today makes the first day that it hasn’t rained since we started vacation!!! My host parents also took this week off and my host moms parents and sisters family are visiting.
Yesterday we went to an indoor pool in Le Mans. It was very different from indoor pools in kinston(not that I should compare to theirs). They have tons of changing stalls, and lockers. And their lockers come with a key in it attached to a bracelet, so all you have to do is put one euro in the back to release the key, then wear the key bracelet and when you are ready to get your stuff out you put the key in and get your coin back. They also had stalls with toilets and showers, then another area with more showers to rinse off before and after swimming. There was also an area before crossing into the pool area where you walk through water to wash your feet. There were so many pools it was crazy!! And they also had an indoor lazy river and waterslide. It was great!
Today we went to a small zoo. They had lots of animals, and the kids loved it. I liked that they had interactive things for the kids to do.
I don’t know what we are doing the rest of this week, but the kids and I will go with my host dad’s parents to their beach house for a couple of days this weekend. Too bad the weather isn’t warm enough to get in the water. Anyway I am looking forward to enjoying their vacation time. 😄



Looking forward to June!

I am so glad that I can honestly say I love it here! I am so glad that I get along so well with my host family. At dinner the other night we were talking and my host mom asked if, before I left America, I thought about what would happen once I chose and went to be with that family; if it wasn’t great I would shorten my time there, and if it went great I would extend my stay to the maximum of 18 months. I had thought about that before ever choosing a family. If I ended up with a family, and we didn’t agree or it wasn’t so great, yes I would shorten my stay. I also thought about the possibility of extending my stay if things were so great with the family. Thankfully I don’t think I will have to shorten my stay because my host family and I get along so great! I thought about that question later that night and, if things go so great for the continuance of my time here, and my host parents ask me, yes, I will probably extend my stay here in France. Of course my friends will not especially be happy with that decision, but it’s okay. Lol.

Well, I was supposed to go to Spain this weekend to visit a friend, but I cancelled my plans. I decided I would need that extra money more in June when my grandma and Stacie come visit. I’m so glad they were able to extend their trip to 10 days!! We are gonna have a blast in Paris! I can’t wait!!!