Well, it is Tuesday afternoon here, and of course it is cool and rainy. The past few days have been warm and sunny, but the remainder of this week is supposed to be rainy. This past weekend was great weather and I enjoyed my days off. Saturday morning I played outside with the kids, and they left that afternoon to go to their grandparents house. I opted not to go this time because I wanted to have a quiet day alone. So Saturday night I watched tv, and played just dance(yes by myself). Sunday I decided to go visit the Zoo de la Flèche. That was great, it was nice to just slowly walk through the zoo and enjoy the warm weather and sun.
Today we got another new student in my french class. This time it is a girl from India, and she speaks English!! Which I am excited about because maybe that will give me a friend to talk to. It is very hard to find someone that speaks English here.
It’s hard to believe my little sister just turned 9. I think that’s one of the difficult things about being away from home. Knowing that I am missing the family get togethers and seeing my little sister, cousin, and nieces and nephews getting bigger. But I am glad that I am having such a great experience here.



I ate a snail, and I liked it!!

Well I am honestly a little glad that vacation (for the kids) is over. We went to the beach this past week with the kids grandma and great grandma. I think the kids had a great time. 🙂
Last weekend we went to Alex’s parents house for dinner. We had escargot as an appetizer. I was very afraid to try it, but i actually really liked them!
This weekend has been rainy so far, I really want it to be sunny tomorrow! But I think it’s supposed to be rainy most of next week. :/ I’m waiting for the warmer weather, if it comes. Sometimes it just stays cold and rainy instead of turning warm in the summers.
Today was pretty fun. I ordered just dance, mainly because Stacie will be here soon and I want to play it with her, for their wii. Well, they had never played it, so we had a great time today dancing. Then, we played cards after dinner. Hey taught me one of their games and I taught them how to play spoons. We had a great time!!