I ate a snail, and I liked it!!

Well I am honestly a little glad that vacation (for the kids) is over. We went to the beach this past week with the kids grandma and great grandma. I think the kids had a great time. 🙂
Last weekend we went to Alex’s parents house for dinner. We had escargot as an appetizer. I was very afraid to try it, but i actually really liked them!
This weekend has been rainy so far, I really want it to be sunny tomorrow! But I think it’s supposed to be rainy most of next week. :/ I’m waiting for the warmer weather, if it comes. Sometimes it just stays cold and rainy instead of turning warm in the summers.
Today was pretty fun. I ordered just dance, mainly because Stacie will be here soon and I want to play it with her, for their wii. Well, they had never played it, so we had a great time today dancing. Then, we played cards after dinner. Hey taught me one of their games and I taught them how to play spoons. We had a great time!!



2 thoughts on “I ate a snail, and I liked it!!

  1. I’ve had snails too!….and liked them! 🙂
    So glad you are having a chance to experience so many new things….love u sweetie!

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