End of vacation…for me

Today marks the end of my vacation. After going on vacation with my host family and then taking a personal vacation, tomorrow will be back to work for my host parents and myself. The kids don’t return to school until September, so they will be with me all day until school started back.
Our vacation has been so great! First we went to the beach in France close to La Rochelle, and met up with my host parents friends. We stayed there a few days, then headed south to the mountains to visit Claire’s cousin. I always love staying in the mountains!! After a couple days there we headed to Tarragona, Spain. It was absolutely beautiful on the Mediterranean Sea. Of course it was very warm as well, but it was nice to have the sun and beach. We stayed there for 5 days, then headed back home. The contrast in weather is so different between France and Spain. As sunny as it was in Spain, as soon as we got back to France it was already raining. Lol, so typical for France! (Not that I minded the break from the heat.)
After returning home, I took a personal vacation and visited Alexandre’s grandma in Tours. It was nice to see the city and relax. Of course that really put my french to the test! So now I’m all relaxed and ready for the remainder of the kids summer vacation until school starts.
It is so bizarre to think that I’ve been here almost 7 months now, and that I only have 5 months left! I am looking forward to getting home, though I will miss being here. I just totally grateful that I have been able to have this awesome experience!