It has been five weeks since I came back home to France. I am so glad to be back in my normal routine.
Claire had the baby the day I got home, which was so great! Gabriel is so adorable, and Clemence and Benjamin are great with him (though they treat him like a doll sometimes Lol).
This month they have so many holidays it’s crazy. The kids haven’t had a full week of school yet this month. We are enjoying their vacation days though. The weather has been nice so far this week, so we have been able to play outside a lot.
I finally found a Baptist Church in le mans!!! I went this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. I could understand what the pastor was saying, and they had a screen with the words so I could follow along with the songs too. Thankfully my friend had given me a bible that is in French and English, so I was able to follow along. (Thanks Andrew!!!) I am looking forward to going back again next week.