These past four months have flown by. I didn’t even realize it had been four months since coming back until I thought about how old Gabriel was. Though sometimes it feels like the days are dragging until I go home. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here more than 16 months. I’m so glad I have been able to experience as much as I have since coming.
I went to Normandy a couple weekends ago with my friends. We visited the American Cemetery and Omaha Beach. It was so eye opening to see all those cross grave markers, row after row after row of soldiers who died in the war. On the way home we stopped in Caen to see the city.
I love it here, but I can’t wait to be home again.



It has been five weeks since I came back home to France. I am so glad to be back in my normal routine.
Claire had the baby the day I got home, which was so great! Gabriel is so adorable, and Clemence and Benjamin are great with him (though they treat him like a doll sometimes Lol).
This month they have so many holidays it’s crazy. The kids haven’t had a full week of school yet this month. We are enjoying their vacation days though. The weather has been nice so far this week, so we have been able to play outside a lot.
I finally found a Baptist Church in le mans!!! I went this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. I could understand what the pastor was saying, and they had a screen with the words so I could follow along with the songs too. Thankfully my friend had given me a bible that is in French and English, so I was able to follow along. (Thanks Andrew!!!) I am looking forward to going back again next week.


Only two more weeks??

I came home in February for a two month visit. I’m so glad I was able to see everyone before staying on longer with my host family. It’s hard to believe I only have two weeks left here. I’m happy I was able to see all my friends and family these past few weeks. We went to Georgia this weekend so I could apply for another visa to stay in France again. This time my mom, dad, and savanna came along with me. We were able to visit the amazing zoo in Atlanta, and spend time together.
It was so strange actually being back in North Carolina again. The culture here is so different than what I had grown used to in France. I am so glad I am getting the opportunity to go back again and learn more french and spend more time with my host family. They have become like a second family to me, and I’m so glad everything worked well with us.
So in just two more weeks I will be making that 8 hour flight again to head back. 🙂


17 days

Je vais partir pour les états-unis en 17 jours. Je suis très contente! Je peux rendre visite à ma famille et mes amis pour presque 2 mois. Je vais arriver le 11 février à 18h à Raleigh. Je suis très heureuse de voir mes parents.
A Mezeray mercredi, il y avait un petit peu de neige. It fait froid ici. Le matin, il y a de la glace dans ma voiture. C’est nécessaire de gratter le pare-brise de la voiture.
Janvier est le mois de la galette des rois. C’est très français. Dans la galette, il y a une fève. La fève est un truc très petit. Quand tu coupes la galette, un enfant doit aller sous la table et dire à qui donner la part de la galette. La personne qui a la fève gagne la couronne.

I will leave for the United States in 17 days. I am very happy! I can visit my family and friends for almost 2 months. I will arrive on February 11 at 6pm in Raleigh. I am very happy to see my parents.
In Mezeray Wednesday, there was a little bit of snow. It’s cold here. In the morning there is ice on my car. It is necessary to scrape the car windshield.
January is the month of the galette. It’s very French. In the galette, there is a prize. The prize is a very small thing. When you cut the galette, a child has to go under the table and tell who each piece of galette is for. The person who has the prize wins, and gets a crown.

Je suis Charlie

Hier, à Paris, trois hommes ont tué les personnes à Charlie Hebdo. Charlie Hebdo est un journal qui fait des caricatures humoristiques. Je pense qu’aux États Unis, cette caricature est un peu choquante, mais en France, c’est l’humour. Maintenant la police cherche les hommes.
Ce matin à l’école, ma professeur m’a dit, il y avait une grenade dans une mosquée au Mans, mais pas de blessé. Ce matin dans le sud de la France, c’était une personne qui a tué une policière. C’est horrible!
Les français sont tristes, et utilisent le hashtag #jesuischarlie pour supporter les victimes. Il y avait une minute de silence dans les écoles.

Yesterday in Paris, three men killed people at Charlie Hebdo. Charlie Hebdo is a newspaper that does humorous cartoons. I think in the US, this cartoon is a bit shocking, but in France, it’s humor. Now the police are looking for the men.
This morning at school, my teacher told me there was a grenade in a mosque in Le Mans, but no one was hurt. This morning in the south of France, a person killed a police officer. This is horrible!
The French are sad, and are using the hashtag #jesuischarlie to support the victims. There was a moment of silence in schools today.

Bientôt Noël!

Maintenant en France, il fait froid! Il n’y pas beaucoup de soleil. C’est nécessaire de mettre le manteau, l’écharpe, et les gants. Ça va être bientôt Noël. Ma famille va me manquer, mais j’aime beaucoup ma famille française.
Dans la centre ville, il y a beaucoup de décorations pour Noël. Beaucoup de sapins et de lumières. C’est très joli! J’aime bien ça.
La semaine prochaine je vais partir à Londres! Je vais visiter le palais de Buckingham, la tour de Londres, et le pont de Londres. Il y a beaucoup de choses à voir. 😃

It is cold now in France. It’s not very sunny. You need to wear a coat, scarf, and gloves. It’s almost christmas! I will miss my family, but I love my french family very much. In downtown Le Mans, there are a lot of christmas decorations. Lots of christmas trees and lights. It’s very pretty!
Next week I will leave for London! I will visit Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and London bridge. There are lots of things to see there! 😃


9 months?

I can’t believe I have been in France for 9 months already. It still seems like just yesterday I arrived at the airport in Paris. And now I only have 3 months left here, in this country I have come to love and call home. I have had such a great experience since arriving. I have been to Spain, Rome, and of course, visited Paris. I know when I get back to NC I will probably be so bored! Of course, I plan to come back and visit France in the future. 🙂

Rome turned out to be very cool. I loved seeing the old roman ruins! The coliseum, the pantheon, the Trevi fountain, and the prison where Peter and Paul were held. It was a lot of walking, but totally worth it.