Vie en France

J’organise un voyage en Italie. Je vais aller à Rome du 10 au 13 octobre. Je vais visiter le Colisée, et la chapelle sixtine. Il y a beaucoup de choses à visiter. Je vais prendre beaucoup de photos!
Je suis allée au cinéma il y a deux semaines. J’ai vu “Les étoiles contraires” en français. Avant, j’ai lu le livre. J’ai compris un petit peu des mots. Ils parlaient très vite. C’est un bon film.
Je suis différente maintenant. Avant, je ne buvais pas de thé, mais maintenant, j’aime le thé. Avant, je parlais anglais avec un accent du sud, maintenant j’ai un accent différent. Avant, je ne conduisais pas la voiture manuelle, mais maintenant, je suis une experte. Je pense que quand je vais aller aux États Unis, je serai différente.



End of vacation…for me

Today marks the end of my vacation. After going on vacation with my host family and then taking a personal vacation, tomorrow will be back to work for my host parents and myself. The kids don’t return to school until September, so they will be with me all day until school started back.
Our vacation has been so great! First we went to the beach in France close to La Rochelle, and met up with my host parents friends. We stayed there a few days, then headed south to the mountains to visit Claire’s cousin. I always love staying in the mountains!! After a couple days there we headed to Tarragona, Spain. It was absolutely beautiful on the Mediterranean Sea. Of course it was very warm as well, but it was nice to have the sun and beach. We stayed there for 5 days, then headed back home. The contrast in weather is so different between France and Spain. As sunny as it was in Spain, as soon as we got back to France it was already raining. Lol, so typical for France! (Not that I minded the break from the heat.)
After returning home, I took a personal vacation and visited Alexandre’s grandma in Tours. It was nice to see the city and relax. Of course that really put my french to the test! So now I’m all relaxed and ready for the remainder of the kids summer vacation until school starts.
It is so bizarre to think that I’ve been here almost 7 months now, and that I only have 5 months left! I am looking forward to getting home, though I will miss being here. I just totally grateful that I have been able to have this awesome experience!


France vs America

Well yesterday made the first day of summer vacation or the kids. We enjoyed our day at home playing together. Last night Nanou, the kids grandma, came with their cousin to babysit the kids until Thursday. Since I still have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until August, we needed someone to watch them. This morning I went I class, which took longer than normal to get there because of all the road construction going on between Mezeray and Le Mans. After class I decided to go check out some shops I haven’t been to yet, so I spent my afternoon shopping. I am hoping for a nice warm day soon(preferably on the weekend( so I can go to the beach for a day. We are all looking forward to a great summer here! We are even planning in going to Spain. 🙂
Okay, so many people have asked about the differences between America and France. Of course there are very many differences, but at the same time it’s hard to actually name them. I can say that France has amazing bread, and bakeries, and cheeses, and everything here is all about being natural. So in class today I had to write the differences between France and America…good luck to everyone who will need a translator. 🙂

Les différences entre la France et la Etats-unis.

En France les voitures sont très petites. La rue c’est très petit aussi. Dans la rue entre Mezeray et Le Mans il y a beaucoup de ronds points. C’est horrible ! Le parking, c’est difficile, il n’y a pas beaucoup de places gratuites. Le parking payant c’est normal. Pour moi, c’est difficile de faire un créneau. Avant que j’arrive, ce n’était pas possible. J’ai aussi conduit à Paris, et c’est horrible !
En France la maison n’a pas l’air conditionne. Ce n’est pas nécessaire. C’est très normal pour les maisons d’avoir la barrière, ou le mur autour.
En France les personnes ne sont pas toujours gentilles. C’est nécessaire de parler français.

I want to end this post with part of a bible verse that has really stuck with me:
Matthew 28:20b
‘…and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.’


aujourd’hui, c’est mon cinquième mois en France

Well, today makes five months that I have been living in France! I am so glad that my sister and grandma were able to visit me a couple weeks ago. We had a great time visiting Paris and seeing the sights, going to disneyland Paris, and coming back to my house so they were able to meet my host family. We saw so many wonderful sights, and I’m glad they were able to experience the different culture. I very much prefer where I live, in Le Mans, than Paris. There were so many people and tourists, I don’t think I could stay there very long.
As much as I loved having Stacie and my grandma visit, I was ready to get back to my routine after those ten days. This week is the kids last week of school. Then they will be out until the beginning of September. I am sure we will have lots of fun while on vacation. This weekend we are going camping at Alexandre’s parents beach house, because they are having like a family reunion down there. I am just hoping it doesn’t rain so we don’t get wet in the tent!
You know you live in France when you need a sweater in the morning, a raincoat at noon, and shorts in the afternoons!! The weather is absolutely crazy! At least it’s better than the stifling hot weather of NC. 🙂



Well this week has been busy. With sick kids, and me trying to get everything ready for this weekend I feel like I have been running nonstop. The weather here has been so great since last week! It’s so nice and warm (not hot). It has only gotten up to 80, and Alexandre said that will be the normal temperature for the summer. Which is so great because NC gets much much hotter! I am enjoying a warm summer as opposed to the crazy heat there. It’s hard to believe that on Saturday morning I will be getting Stacie and my grandma from the airport!! And we are staying in Paris for 6 days! Then they will be at my house for 4 days! It’s unbelievable! I am super excited!
Today I was the only person in my french lesson, so I spoke french with my teacher, and I had to do a project. So from now on, I will write at least one paragraph in french for my blog. 🙂

Samedi, ma sœur et ma grand-mère arrivent à Paris. Je vais prendre ma voiture à l’aéroport. Je vais partir de Mezeray à 4h! Je vais arriver à l’aéroport à 7h. Nous allons dans l’appartement après l’aéroport. C’est possible nous allons visiter Montmartre. Mais, s’il y a de la pluie ce n’est pas possible de visiter Montmartre. Dimanche, nous allons visiter Versailles. Lundi, nous allons visiter Disneyland Paris. Mardi, nous allons visiter beaucoup de musées. Mercredi, nous allons visiter la Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, La Conciergerie, et la Sainte Chapelle. Jeudi, nous allons visiter le Musée Grevin, et l’Arc de Triomphe. Vendredi, nous allons aller au Mans, et à ma maison à Mezeray. Dimanche, c’est possible de visiter le château de Chenonceau. Lundi, ma sœur et ma grand-mère vont retourner aux Etats-Unis.


Smells like home

Well this weekend we celebrated Benjamin’s birthday. He asked for, of all things, a black chicken. So Sunday we ended up with a total of 5 hens and a rooster. We had a great time this weekend with family over and we even put up a trampoline. The kids are really enjoying that so far. Of course I’m probably enjoying the trampoline just as much as they are. Haha.
Today was another day of french classes. I have to park a few blocks away to have free parking. While walking to class, watching the ground as I was walking, I suddenly smelled a very familiar smell that just screamed home. I just stopped and looked around, and there growing over the edge of a wall was honey suckle. It was so funny that as soon as I smelled that I immediately associated it with how home would smell. Of course the smell of that honey suckle didn’t fit in with the smell of the city, but it was a great reminder of North Carolina that I was glad for today. 🙂



Well, it is Tuesday afternoon here, and of course it is cool and rainy. The past few days have been warm and sunny, but the remainder of this week is supposed to be rainy. This past weekend was great weather and I enjoyed my days off. Saturday morning I played outside with the kids, and they left that afternoon to go to their grandparents house. I opted not to go this time because I wanted to have a quiet day alone. So Saturday night I watched tv, and played just dance(yes by myself). Sunday I decided to go visit the Zoo de la Flèche. That was great, it was nice to just slowly walk through the zoo and enjoy the warm weather and sun.
Today we got another new student in my french class. This time it is a girl from India, and she speaks English!! Which I am excited about because maybe that will give me a friend to talk to. It is very hard to find someone that speaks English here.
It’s hard to believe my little sister just turned 9. I think that’s one of the difficult things about being away from home. Knowing that I am missing the family get togethers and seeing my little sister, cousin, and nieces and nephews getting bigger. But I am glad that I am having such a great experience here.